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Well i havent updated in a while, so here goes. I have been worjking a lot with my horses, as we have a hsow in may, and i geta clip them soon!! Woot, and Shadows driving has been alrigght, hes a brat, so its an uphill battle. Yeah nad Oreo is just the perfectest little fat angel. The only problem? Hes fat. BAHAH yeah nayways, i hope i get a new show halter for my birthday, if i do, i will post pictures! And i will be buying another harness soon, a Betathabne one, thus my collection will be up to 4! Four harnesses, and one horse to drive with, go figure hey? (what can i say? i have an addiction)hehe yessah but for whaqt i want to do, i need this harness, so there *sticks out tongue at any that think i am crazy nad a harness junkie. hehe ok then thast it for now mans, nad i will talk to yall later
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