big mouthed woman (oakaurora) wrote in 4_h,
big mouthed woman

hello all,
i have no connections whatsoever to 4H, but i was hoping someone here may be able to help me with a goat question.

here's my story- i spent summer 2004 in switzerland on a farm in the alps...they had lots of animals, the mother in the family i worked for made sheep cheese with a bit of goat milk thrown in, and i got to milk the goats. they loved me and followed me around all over the place, esp. cindy...sorry, i'm rambling :p anyway i ended up really liking them, they weren't like the petting zoo type goats i was expecting. someday i'd ike to have some goats of my own, so here's my question; can anybody tell what breed they are?

Image hosted by
the ones i'm asking after are the big white ones, like the one i'm milking there.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
the lovely cindy, who looks a bit distorted...

thanks in advance!

X posted to goat_owners and (hopefully) goatowners
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we have a couple of Saanen goats and they look very similar. The breed originated in switzerland and they are great for milking so that would make sense. I'm including a link to goat breeds that I had found so you can look it up for yourself and see what you think.
YAY! i went to the link and looked at the picture and i think youse guys are right; it think they're saanens. yay! thank you so much!
I agree w/ tessa they look like Saanen's. Nice breed of goats!!
How did I get lumped together with goat milkers. I had made a live journal membership to put my idea accross as to the need for a web side browser that would make web surfing possible by using a cellphone instead of a Lap or desktop PC. What they did? They lumped me with Goat milkers.

Anyway I hope some goat milkers visit my journal at

or my blog at Link

By the way I'm familiar with the subject of Goat milking although I live in NYC. I hope I get an email from some good folks who have goat as I'd like to milk one. If some folks, have a good milking goat, I'd like to be invited. My email address is
Yep, Saanans, tall, white, probably pretty friendly, about the same amount of trouble as other goats...:)